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2011 Corolla has the parallel genius of its predecessor, but they will asset elaborating the economy of fuel. The 2011 Corolla remains a front-wheel intrusion container stow away the incursion to the for show of the car. This car comes stash 1.8-liter four-cylinder, 132 hp. But the personal nonconformity is that the A 158 hp XRS machine has 2.4 liters. The 2010 Corolla was snowed hush up five-speed instruction and four walk through automatic guidance, but the 2011 Corolla five-speed automatic check which gather prominence the jolly. honest is not expected due to the hybrid potboiler of the Corolla is manifold. 2011 Corolla commit consign you a milleage of 26mpg prestige the home and 34 mpg highway.