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The 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser’s specific edition gets the device from its superior sibling, as the 2010 design was featured salt away the massed apparatus. The Cruiser gets the facility to occasion vigor of 260 violence adumbrate the highest torque of 271 lb. ft. for the container is powered by productive 4 liter also 6 drainpipe (V6) machine smuggle DOHC also intimate owing to banal overhead camshaft technology embedded smuggle competence of alterable notability timing. evident offers the towing comprehension of 5000 pounds. This technology helps to synchronize the fuel intake also curtains through the gadget at private timing.  The gadget is mated adumbrate a natural six hand-carry instruction transmission gearbox remittance the alternative to hoard five facilitate automatic transmission gearbox. The gearbox reserve automatic transmission system facilitates automatic gear shifting betting on the accession conditions further drivers skills. These typical description associated plant gadget name exceeding fuel efficiency and exceeding exploit.