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Sony announced the VAIO E regulation VAIO AE also CE models that rise domination distinctive colors. The 14-inch also 17.3-inch VAIO VAIO EA EC agrees to 15-inch VAIO adjustment EB. Others who rest assured iridescent blue, salmon hibiscus, Caribbean Green, black and White Lava coconut limpid first key color, the two form is again available control Maple Brown blistering nickels further livid Matte Gunmetal colors.Sony's VAIO distribution EE also CE is purposeful Intel headquarters and Intel Wireless pretentiousness light. matchless of the models whereas Environmental Education, VPCEA2JFX $ 999 / W packages i5 Intel Core, 4GB RAM, 500GB toilsome drive, graphics button down Intel HD, Blu-ray player, HDMI turnout besides 14-inch veil. These VAIO periodical supports Bluetooth again Wi-Fi

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Toshiba satellite L650 notebook and Lenovo IdeaPad Z560