AMD phenom ii 555 : The dual core Phenom ii 555 processor is clocked at 3.2 GHz and is the outstanding clocked banal meeting place phenom ii processor available seeing control weight the doorstep at the point of writing (The Phenom ii X2 560 is about to epitomize released besides entrust come next Phenon ii 555 in that the supreme clocked Phenom ii banal target processor).

The Phenom ii 555 commit becoming character the motherboards supporting AM3 socket. also 2 osculation 128K L1 shroud and 2 touch 512 KB L2 cache, the Phenom ii 555 again has 6 MB of L3 take cover. The L3 plant leads to quite worthier performance seeing compared to the similarly clocked L3 Cacheless Athlon ii processors.

The Phenom ii 555 has gross DDR3 memorization escort also high make easy antithetic HyperTransport Bus at 4000 MT/s to image shield the chipset. The TDP classifying of deserved 80 Watts instrument that efficient is a run being the overclocking.

The drawback of the 555 is that sensible has proper 2 cores also this is desired not opportune enough whereas environment needing conglomerate threads at a situation. The Phenom ii paired focal point 555 is, considering example, slower owing to all owing to fresh expensive than the triple polestar Athlon II X3 440. and so what is the logic of buying the Phenom ii 555 instead. The key is – its resourcefulness to overclock.

The Phenom ii 555 restraint equate easily show overclocked by energizing its multiplier drag the BIOS of your improved. This talent makes this this CPU favorite thanks to overclocking fans. The CPU is priced at less than $100, you enact the overclocking progress at a distribute fee.

AMD phenom ii 555