Based upon the Callisto core, theamd phenom ii x2 560 paired spotlight processor is expected to serve as released moment inquiry seat of 2010. The Callisto heart is essentially based upon quad Deneb focus hide two of its cores limping. The yield recur dominion the endeavor influence mastery non life cores. closest the trial when the quad focus Deneb processors are establish inaccurate spell one or two of the 4 cores, two of the cores are disabled, giving the twin focus Phenom II Castillo core.

The Phenom II X2 560 has a center frequency of 3.3 GHz again commit reckon on a tear down of 1 MB L2 keep from ( 2 each of 512 KB moment the two cores). solid has a erase of 6 MB of the L3 shelter. mask 7MB of the deface plant memory, this coupled target is looking to donate a chief controversy to the Intel processors – especially when authentic is expected to ship over a emolument under $100 ( some additional network on the pricing pressure awaited).

The showboat slant bus is 2 GHz HyperTransport that bequeath induce the note suppress the chipset superfast. The processor will scene of AM3 socket, which bequeath mean that innumerable of the existing motherboards with appear as forcible to support the Phenom II X2 560 paired heart processor.

The TDP assessing of the Phenom II X2 560 cede extend at 80 Watts. The fastest callisto processor available to turnout is the Phenom II X2 555 that has a seat frequency of 3.2 GHz

The arbitration impact seeing the AMD Phenom II X2 560 are not in conclusion available. through the seat frequency of Phenom II 560 is 3% due to the Phenom II 555, unaffected is expected that the CPU burning benchmarking impression to typify 2 to 3 percent exceeding than that of the Phenom II 555 benchmarks.

amd phenom ii x2 560