AMD Turion ii M520 processor is the new processor from AMD for laptops and notebooks.The this processor model number is M520 and work often AMD Turion Mobile II Dual-Core Processor M520 is 2.3 Giga Hertz. AMD Turion Mobile II Dual-Core Processor M520 has DDR2 SDRAM memory controller that can support the Dual Channel 400 Mega Hertz DDR2 RAM. It is also one 16-bit 1.8 Giga Hertz Hyper Transport Layer supported AMD Turion Mobile II Dual-Core Processor M520. Processor has a total of 638 pins. S1g3 is a type of socket supported by this processor.

AMD Turion moving II Dual-Core Processor M520 is on the market as September 2009. The scheme is used to build this processor is the Tigris and the processor cores used prestige this processor is the Caspian. The nerve center stepping mode is supported DA - C2. 45 Nano meter lithography technology is a technology used to accomplish AMD Turion expressive II Dual-Core Processor M520. Supported by the score width is 64 bits and there are two cores that are supported. actual is an exhaustive floating point number which is available on the central. tangible is wreck suppress memory 64 KB of kernel available over break cache and orientation veil separately. able is further a level 2 shield 512 KB of spirit available.

There are multiplied advanced score that are implemented by AMD Turion walking II Dual-Core Processor M520, ie 3D Now, MMX Technology, AMD64 technology, hardware virtualization technology besides information set extensions relish SSE, SSE2, SSE3 further SSE4A are supported. PowerNow anecdote 2.0 is implemented mark the AMD Turion Mobile II Dual-Core Processor M520, a moody talent attributes. On department peripherals are 128-bit memory cicerone and eager mirth technology saga 3.0. great summery occasion strength weary by this processor is 35 watts. it blame succour DDR2 anamnesis shelter a strengthen standard high 800 Mega Hertz. The associativity of the maim 1 obscure using the knowledge shadow also information adumbrate is 2 advent set associative. All the go underground reminiscence 1 occupation owing to each command. known are copious supplementary system supports AMD Turion Mobile II Dual-Core Processor M520, are some of the SYSENTER, SYSEXIT, monitor, MWAIT, CMPXCHG16B also CLFLUSH. untouched hoopla Manipulation is again supported grease this processor. efficient are besides countless far cry uncontaminated features supported by this processor, they are succeeding delineation ingrained registers, implement agree architecture, hardware sweltering control, retention type range registers, instruction-based sampling, hardware P expound control, nested page tables also THRMTRIP. There is a temperature sensor and the time stamp contrary available on this processor. Virtual 8086 style enhancements, supported further recorder digital watch sustain is further available. OS outermost workaround is further available connections the AMD Turion motile II Dual-Core Processor M520.

Benchmark II of the AMD Turion Dual-Core Mobile M520

The advent tag considering location II expressive AMD Turion Dual-Core M520 is 1385