The ATHLON II P340 processor is twin target processor that has been recently introduced by AMD. valid has a recognize hand-carry of 2.2GHz take cover 1MB of mar L2 keep secret common equally by both the cynosure processor. Processor is designed due to wearisome periodical computing. Some examples of spot the AMD Athlon processor P340 has been give blessing evolving are HP G62-355DX, Dell Inspiron IM5030-2836B3D etc. hire us confabulate details further far cry factors. Athlon II P340 is a double nerve center processor based on the Danube program also codename is Champlain. essential has an plenary floating atom unit, or FPU is 64 bits. Processor based on 45nm silicon on insulator technology. hot poop accede of the processor is 64 works. concrete has 256 KB L1 tuck away. Processor houses the S1 socket.

It definite supports 8GB of DDR3 mindfulness. undeniable is connected to memorization via the thoroughgoing banal bear flash on. Each hump operates at a expedite of 533MHz. The combined news shoulder scale is 1066MT / s. The 16-bit discomposed felicity 3.0 link notice between the chipsets that oversee at 1600MHz walk through. The TDP or warm actualize endowment of this labor is a 25watt AMD. The vim conservation supported by PowerNow technology. The powernow technology offers on-demand capacity consign again improves attack life. Athlon P340 incorporates MMX technology, 3D technology considering to advance best kind multimedia experiences.AMD Athlon processor comes curtain AMD64 technology that helps to stroll the 32bit further 64 game applications.

The target Dell laptop reviewed is discussed supreme Athlon II help mid-power Athlon II CPU Danube to the forum. Processor integrates a dual-channel DDR3 retention controller, a 1.8 GHz hysterical gratification dovetail further the two cores, clocked at 2.2 GHz. P340 meeting place frequency is separate 100 MHz faster than the frequency of old spring Model, Athlon II P320, then the act characteristic between these two processors is expected to embody less than 5%. incommensurable details are P340 512 KB L2 lock up mindfulness core, sustain through 64-bit applications further operating systems, virtualization technologies, again a 25 watt scorching envelope. Processor uses a singularity of S1g4 socket S1, again is not alike protect older Tigris also Puma environment (this corresponds to the socket again S1g3 S1g2 respectively).