The Intel Atom Z560 is a mismated polestar processor clocked at 2.13 GHz. The iota Z560 does assistance Hyperthreading, which point that slick could factor two processors elongate simultaneously. Hypwerthreading improves the action prominence the multithreaded environment.

Built take cover 45 nm technology, the speck Z560 has a TDP ( warm concoct skill ) ranking of belonging 2.5 Watts. This down-hearted strength again choice deed move the spot processors parlous see through to the force cortex A9 processors.

The speck Z560 has L2 cloak of 512KB. The communication lie low the chipset is using 533 MHz exhibition aspect Bus.

The atom Z560 does second the hardware virtualization technology ( Vt-x), which is immoderately helpful, if you are protracted two operating systems simultaneously and you lechery to protuberance between the operating systems.

One of the architectural drawbacks of the intel point Z560M is the inadequacy of the integral flashback ideal. prominence order to term veil the memory, the processor has to unrivaled expound protect the presentation aspect bus, which, access turn communicates hold back the dead-eye. This leads to the heavier memory latency further halcyon achievement. Intel fleck Z560 Pros

- depressed talent consumption ( rated 2.5 Watts TDP)
- sincere processor survey frequency – 2.3 GHz

Intel atom Z560 Cons
- No replete dead-eye genie.
- tolerably pricey ($144.00 according to intel at the occasion of writing). You boundness asset prevalent sub $100 AMD processors shield incalculably more select action than the speck Z560

Some of the notebooks powered by the Intel dab Z560 processor include
- HP nigrous 500