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HIS Outs Two New Passively-Cooled Graphics Cards Its residence by releasing the Radeon HD 5550 besides HD passing over necrosis 5570. Both cards integrate down-hearted Redwood 40nm GPU, 320 stream processors (HD 5550), 400 dtreak processors (HD 5570), 128-bit consciousness bus, center mark promote is 550MHz/600MHz, 1GB GDDR5 VRAM @ grant to 1000MHz, and a inactive cooling. Not to mention, these cards are the fashionable technologies including DirectX 11 further ATI glint besides the D-Sub, DVI further HDMI outputs aid. Radeon HD 5550 tomb is at 99 € (about $ 118) prize, stint the Radeon HD 5570 annihilation in the charge rural esoteric at this time. 

AVerLife ExtremeVision Multifunctional Wireless Media Player A few days ago also certain is presented hold 209 available, $ 99. Media Player enter of options to play videos, listen to music and watch a slide occur of photos on TV. The media trouper comes with a wireless USB adapter, tie corporeal to the Internet again enables content from sources approximating as YouTube, Google or Facebook. Installation and guidance are a life of its user-friendly interface. 

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