In the previous article we read about Indian marriage it may also be mentioned that many societies permit extramarital or premarital sexual relations. This system of “privileged” as they have been called by the anthropologists is not an arbitrary one. Careful examination of the social systems in which they occur will make them understandable. We know that the sexual privilege cements a relationship that is close for other reasons. Privileged sexual relations may be regarded as a reinforcement and symbol of social relationship, with important non-sexual content.  Different indian marriage sites regularly update their site and post inspirable moments, success stories for others.In Indian marriage, the attitude towards sexual relations is extremely restrictive. We think that the sexual relations should be confined to marriage and that a person should have only one marriage partner at a time. But this rule is broken as well as. It is found that percentage of men having premarital intercourse is higher than that of the women. In the west the proportion of men and women having premarital intercourse is higher than that in India. It may also be mentioned that the norm against premarital intercourse is stronger in some social groups than in others. However, no society leaves marriage unregulated. Thus you can see and well known Indian society and Indian marriage sites are totally against with premarital intercourse because it spoils marriage life not only marriage rather than all family and husband, wife’s children, exceptions are everywhere.