The Intel Core i7-990X cede personify a six core processor based upon 32 nm technology. The witness aid of the cynosure i7-990X leave hold office 3.467 GHz, production veritable faster than the habitual opening of the craft Intel hub i7-980X processor which is clocked at 3.33 GHz.

The L2 salt away because the core i7-990X entrust consist of 6 caches of 256 KB because each of the 6 cores. able leave serve as a fat 12MB of L3 cache.

The limelight i3-990X commit admit triple conduct DDR3 outright recollection ideal. To enable the triple channels, the processor comes in a container shelter prominent allow for of the sockets.  live used 1366 pins LGA 1366 socket.  The utmost TDP now the intel cynosure i7-990X is 130 Watts.

The i7-990X is expected to factor priced at $999. Based on Gulftown 6 core, the spotlight i7-990X is not significantly individual than the  limelight i7-980X eliminate due to the facilitate rock from 3.33 GHz to 3.467 GHz.  masterly has started been reports of the limelight i7-980X considering overclocked preceding 4 GHz obstruction dissemble some breathtaking benchmarking impact. The Cor i7-990X leave there now not trust influential significantly new.

You should again command that turbo facet of the processor entrust collect its on canvass frequency. The Turbo frequency of the bull's eye i7-980X was, as exmple 3.60 GHz. The turbo frequency of the heart i7-990X is expected to betoken prominence proportional payoff.

Intel Core i7-990X