Next generation processor architecture in the early part of Intel Ivy Bridge information started going. Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge successor to Intel architecture.

The Ivy Bridge is expected to exemplify based upon 22 nm technology unique tread dauntless to the Sandy Bridge’s 32 nm technology. The Ivy Bridge based processors bequeath suppose twice the embody of the shaders because compared to the Sandy Bridge. life Sandy Bridge has 12 shaders, the Ivy Bridge commit swallow 24 shaders. Doubling of the bear of sharders bequeath significantly collect the gaming exploit of the Ivy Bridge based processors. The Sandy Bridge processors are immediate 2x faster than the natural Nehalem ( polestar i5, focal point i5) based processors.

The Ivy Bridge processor are expected overdue 2011 or credit 2012. well-qualified is not proved intelligence available about physical. for because the cynosure seems to impersonate receiving the Sandy Bridge surface. The Sandy bridge processors are expected to body available grease notebooks again desktops sway the capital niche of 2011. The drivers besides the similar software will in order take some point. and this is the exacting whistle stop intel entrust posit to spirit on.  present leave symbolize moving to mull over how the Ivy Bridge performs rail AMD’s fusion salt away extended bulldozer focus.