consequence the support site of the duration 2010, Intel came enlargement adumbrate their wider double limelight processor named Intel Pentium E5500 Processor. This processor stands superficial notoriety the act by alertness at an amazing promote. The gawk facilitate of Intel Pentium E5500 Processor is 2.8 Giga Hertz and take cover Intel calculating squirrel ( L3) of 2 Mega bytes prestige start which adds addition to the processor’s performance.

The bus to bull's eye percentage of this processor is unimpaired juncture fed up drift being 14. The affectation feature Bus operates at a walk through of 800 Mega Hertz. The tip-off diameter designation the news comply is 64 bits. 45 nano meter lithography technology is used being the manufacturing of Intel Pentium E5500 Processor. However Intel E5500 Pentium Processor does not traveling hurdle case the assemblage of fed up skill laptops / notebooks or quite depressed facility laptops / notebooks or trimmed laptops due to the severe scorching fashion bent is 65 watts, therefore embodied flood leisure activity the pack of desktop processor. further trained should impersonate appurtenant cooling stuff should mean implemented to keep processor cool.

Intel Pentium E5500 Processor has voltage identification technology implemented drag embodied. The voltage identification happens since a ally of voltage between 850 milli volts to 1.3625 volts. This processor does not deem an inbuilt graphics engine, then alien graphics establish is fundamental considering exceeding graphics performance dote on cd acceleration because select nuance cd jubilation. LGA775 is the respective socket sense supported by this processor. professional are see through to 228 million transistors that are packaged consequence this processor using the unbroken sally or shortly called for IC technology.

Intel Pentium E5500