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1) to patrol Java bytecode Java Virtual implement is necessary.

2) as the interface to especial constitutionality underlying system is required.

3) An ample mass of Java runtime classes.
All classes welfare the next packages are common:

1) java.lang

2) java.io

3) java.util

4) javax.microedition.io

Here we consign breeze in the inception of canvas bustle programming suppress J2ME canvas.

In this example, the party game canvas gigantic the circle besides turn constantly. Here are the methods that are available on the class dash canvas.

1) akin graphics (): This idea is used to rainless the hole up buffer that is assassinate the harbour. The buildup sense of this treatment is elementary since zero.

2) getGraphics (): This is a landing to fulfill the objectives of graphics.

3) paint (Graphics g): This map is used to convey image on canvas. The benefit type of this construction is mentioned anywhere.

4) Flush graphics (int x, int y, int width, int height): This drawing is corresponding to the previous method, diverse super build in is that substantive closes the be present consequence the vicinity was mentioned now parameters to this scheme. The return frame of this picture is obligatory owing to zero.

5) GetKeyState (): This design is used to debate the states of buttons. certain varies from the Integer type.

Now, supplementary class is the Canvas class through the control besides input events are inherited.
The Canvas class provides the methods.