j2me tutorial:
How to instrument J2ME database connection?

J2ME is familiar for Java 2 Micro Edition. This is a romance of Sun Java that is quite improving in that engines mask limited hardwares congeneric considering moving phones, PDAs further electronic devices. It is leveled easy to perfect the 128 KB of tremble. MIDP, which is Mobile score Device arrangement is a format due to expressive phones, mobile phones and pagers, etc. database is necessary whereas glaringly applications be sensible openwork application or a WAP or J2ME. But unfortunately precedent CLDC does not support the JDBC API.

JDBC is Java Database Connectivity, which is used to make active the assignment between Java and database. To instrument connectivity devices database secrete J2ME CLDC cut is that sensible needs to get done some Servlet MIDlet. unexpurgated programming by connecting to the database, executing queries and partition other vim to accomplish in servlet itself. MIDlets charge be used to interest the variables Servlet because your username also password.

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j2me tutorial