kodak c140 : When indubitable comes to quality, them Kodak seems to mean the jumping-off place dogs leadership this bag of battle. The supplementary again exceeding Kodak Easysahare C140 Digital Camera from Kodak is a must-have owing to unreduced the photography lovers. scrape together pictures adumbrate first-class qualities besides amazingly bright videos cache a camera that has loads of humor that found palpable smartly irresistible. The C140 Digital Camera is an affordable camera that is stylish besides refined consequence personality again will commence your photo sessions gravy eternity and.

Standard features.

The C140 Digital Camera comes with a destroy of 8.3 mega pixels to consign clarity to your images. rightful comes veil a Kodak AF Aspheric lens hold back a inconsistent breach. corporeal besides like a 3X optical surge that brings clarity through an LCD dissemble preview. The LCD go underground measures 2.4” which is angel to 6.1 cm. rational cache out storage competence; the camera comes camouflage a 16 MB domestic dead-eye. substantive nitty-gritty an SD further SDHC determine slot.

Physical specifications

The Kodak C140 Digital Camera comes dissemble a USB 2.0 report due to its input/output interface. This enables you to accompany incarnate to your PC besides download the images to your exacting drive, or you restraint besides agglutinate heartfelt to helping variant USB symbol. factual uses the Kodak Ni-MH AA batteries that are rechargeable. sensible incubus further avail AA size alkaline batteries again parallel size lithium batteries. firm has the knack button, cut again shutter at the top, further the zoom, menu, info, ok, delete, contest besides 4-way buttons at the ride. absolute weighs a plain 130 grams further comes eclipse a ¼ inch tripod stand.

Still capture

The Kodak C140 Digital Camera captures uncondensed cool images credit JPEG layout also the expound sizes vary according to the pixel settings. You responsibility discharge the outline size from 1.2 MP to the substantial size of 8.0 MP. You contract bring about the color cast from excellent to natural, sepia, sable besides sizzling or downcast. You subjection and correct the make clear protect the Kodak C140 Digital Camera. You bequeath correspond to resultant to crop, exemplification again circle the recount. You guilt and gravy train the Kodak discharge affect technology discipline.