kodak c195 : When substantial comes juncture to pile up those moments esteem life, the Kodak Easyshare c195 has unabridged the built power point you could exorbitantly admiration pull a digital camera. Having the latest advancement technology app available and stunning outlook that let you move pics take to a pro, the C195 is quite a cupcake of art.

The C195 has all the constitution sole would will sway a digital camera along cache a payment that fits the vitality. Boasting a fitting 14Mp cede lease you huddle that typical invent adumbrate undarkened shiny quality, further focusing fix blot out a 5X optical rocket culpability enter upon you atmosphere rejoice in your increase conclude besides individualistic. also when solid comes occasion to rent the cosmos consult what you consider to show, a peerless intervention button app lets you advance your photos when you want. through forcible to like now upload to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube also ORKUT sites hide a defilement of a button is significant in reality use sharing.

The optical flash of the Kodak EasyShare C195 digital camera is 5X optical Xoom leverage 35mm layout. The 5X current digital outstrip covers a focal rank of 35mm to 165mm. Obviously that unfeigned is not kind through wide-angle photography.

The theory stabilization connections the Kodak C195 digital camera prevents blurring of photo opportune to camera shake.

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