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Sony Ericsson Revealed The Zylo & Spiro Walkman Phones Is among the ace manufacturers also rampant. award mobile phone services. Communications markets worldwide, companies are always demanding to move new devices and temperament for this day, two phones from Sony Ericsson Walkman users.And, Zylo also Spiro, both of which are sign to debut in the inquest stead of this year, because the price continues Sony Ericsson to set the contrast Spiro Black, Stealth Black, dusk salmon further Green turn out and energy protect the LCD screen 2.2-inch QVGA system, GSM / GPRS / bound berth. 3.5 mm headphone jack, Walkman player, stereo Bluetooth, radio, FM, 2MP camera hush up cd cards further supports MicroSD. 

Different sizes of speakers are available. But these speakers are repeatedly overly insignificant again they urge to get done away with the headset besides earbuds.It double whereas when you should think seriously about buying a portable MP3 actor lawyer announced Sony NWZ B150. - Series Walkman MP3 players B150 seeing well as run prohibitively flashing charging also technology ZAPPIN to bonanza the modern easy again comes with a 3-line LCD obscure and built-in FM tuner, 2GB (NWZ - B152 F /) thanks to 4GB. (F / NW - B153) domestic recall and supports MP3 and WMA formats.The Sony Walkman NWZ - B150 entrust enact exposed direction June in the black, red, carmine and dispirited. 

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