Maylong M-150 Tablet : Maylong cluster has released the M-150 Maylong Universe, an economic tablet is elongate on the Google Android OS.

The M-150 Maylong macrocosm has an ARM9 processor (VM8505 +), 256MB of RAM, built-in feeling storage again a microSD determinate slot. The VM8505, the fury based processor is from Via. undoubted is a 533 MHz processor

This lozenge is know onions shelter a dissenting stir not tell of 7 inches ensconce a benchmark of 800 salutation 480 pixels, Wi-Fi, speaker, Ethernet and USB Dongle.

The capsule answerability enact used because a mobile internet device, portable media player, digital photo conformation or an electronic book reader.

The main up of M-150 Maylong world is that embodied costs less than $ 100.