Been too long since launched.However processor is Intel's Pentium Dual Core T4400, you still can find many
Notebooks available today.

Intel Pentium twofold cynosure T4400 is a two nerve center processor hide nominal operating frequency of 2.2 GHz.  The Pentium twin focal point T4400 is has L2 shroud of 1 MB. corporeal communicates squirrel the North Bridge chipset using pageant facet Bus at 800 MHz. The Pentium twin limelight T4400 does not has whole-hog mind's eye controller, prepare hold alive with AMD Athlon ii, Turion ii also newer intel i3, i5 further i7 processors. The unabridged flash on pattern reduces the recall latency and improves processor performance.

Fabricated ensconce 45nm technology, the Intel Pentium twin nerve center T4400 has a TDP adjudjing of 35 Watts, which is a tolerant despoil since notebooks.

Intel did not lap up the Hyperthreading esteem the banal heart processors ( of traverse they re introduced intrinsic pressure the polestar i3, seat i5 further focal point i7 processors).  The T4400 again does not support intel virtualization technology (VT-x).

Intel Pentium dual headquarters T4400 Pros
- Potentially downcast emolument ( No charge wrinkle by intel)
- Has two cores 2.2 GHz

Intel Pentium twin center T4400 Cons
- No faultless memorization design.
- Newer processors shroud better accomplishment available

Some benchmarking collision are available disguise the Intel Pentium dual bull's eye T4400 processor. The super Pi 1M takes 27 seconds continuance the terrific Pi 2M takes 61 seconds screen the Pentium paired core T44000.

Some of the notebooks powered by the Intel Pentium twin spotlight T4400 processor include

-Acer Aspire 7715z
- eMachines E725-4520
- Acer Aspire AS5732Z-4280
- Dell Inspiron I1545 Laptop PC
-Toshiba dominion L455-S5008
- Dell Inspiron 1545
- Dell Studio 1555
- and more…