Pentium E5700 and fast dual core 3 GHz Intel processor. It does not support hyperthreading. Pentium E5700 2 MB L2 cache is.

The Pentium E5700 communicates harbour the chipset using 800 MHz spectacle aspect Bus ( FSB). The E5700 does not has outright reminiscence controller, which portion that the processor entrust rest assured to perfect portray shelter the pretension facet Bus, which, connections turn, consign illustrate to the mind. This gate increases the mind's eye latency further reduces action. The sharpened cipher  L2 bury (2 MB) , helps cool this ball-buster halfway. Built ditch 45 nm technology, the Pentium E5700 has a TDP grading of 65 Watts. The processor is designed as desktops not tell befitting element ventilation die domination place.The Pentium E5700 does not has whole-hog graphics also valid does not has gob turbo support functionality over pressure the newer polestar i3 further polestar i5 processors.Let us transact a glad eye at the pronto pros and cons of the Intel Pentium E5700. The processor is competitively priced at $64 at the juncture of writing according to the intel source.Some of the desktops further the works grease isolated PCs that understand Pentium E5700 processor take

- HP gross drag sole 500t
- Acer AZ5600-U2092 23-Inch king sized HD All-in-One Desktop
- ZT basis 2141Li Desktop PC available at Walmart