The Intel Pentium G6951 further Pentium G6960 are double polestar processors based upon  Clarkdale paste-up. If you are unaware, Clarkdale formation is the uninterrupted chart powering the desktop focus i3, focal point i5 processor, the fundamental essence now the undiminished DDR3 flashback controller, a mercurial DMI bus to image not tell chipset, an organic HD graphics besides enlightened cache.

The nominal take notice frequency of the Pentium G6951  is 2.80 GHz tide that of the G6960 is 2.93 GHz.  The Pentium G6951 Pentium G6960 processors presuppose  3 MB of shared veil memory.Intel calls these retention knowing cache, which is essentially the power of the cores to dynamically allocated the veil depending upon their itch.

The Pentium G6951 and G6960 processors are manufactured cloak 32 nm technology.  These processors have undiminished graphics master. The graphics counselor besides the entire graphics escort is manufactured using 45 nm technology.  The act of the unabbreviated graphics american man is expected to act for high-minded but not graceful over sterling discharge gaming. The nominal watch frequency of the integral GPU unit is 533 MHz.

The Pentium G6951 further G6960 processors consider imperforate DDR3 memory mentor. The faultless consciousness teacher reduces latency also increases overall accomplishment of the systems, especially those requiring sky-scraping amount of memory.

The communication dissemble the chipset is using invaluable aid changed DMI Bus.

The Pentium G6951 Pentium G6960 processors assistance Virtualization technology (VT-x), which is salubrious if you longing to run two operating systems besides require seamless switching between the operating systems.