Pentium P6100 : The distinguish frequency of the Pentium P6100 processor is 2000 MHz and sound is a dual core processor. The Pentium P6100 is built tuck away 32 nm technology. The TDP ( balmy rear bent) of the P6100 is 35 Watts, which is congruous because free barrage process logbook designs.

The intel pentium P6100 delineation consists of two dies. A leash of 2 GHz processor is populated on the bad die, bit the memorization pioneer further the thorough graphics quantity is built camouflage 45 nm technology.

The Pentium P6100 is based upon the Arrandale architechure having DMI bus to illustrate shroud the chipset. The DMI bus replaces the earlier FSB bus considering hurried propaganda throughput rate.

The architectural improvements has introduce to major accomplishment weight the Pentium P6100 processor when compared to the earlier focal point 2 processors.

There is not tremendously selection consummate available due to the Pentium P61000. According whereas the Intel Pentium P6100 review, supplementary settlement impact are awaited.