Thanks, for taking interest in our articles. We were discussing about Indian marriage and about polyandry and their effects in our society, now we are going to talk about advantages and disadvantages about polyandry. Now you will see why polyandry marriage is important or unimportant in Indian marriage.

The advantages of polyandry are

1)      It controls the growth of population:

2)      The family property does not get divided:

3)      It strengthens the economic position of the family:

4)      It fosters community feeling among the members of the family:

5)      The members feel security of life.

Its disadvantages are:

1)      It adversely affects the health of woman because the same woman has to satisfy the sexual desire of several husbands:

2)      It leads to sterility. According to biologists if the same woman cohabits with several men, it may lead to sterility.

3)      It may diminish population. It is said that if polyandry continues in some tribal societies for another hundred years, it may lead to their extinction.

4)      In a polyandrous society, divorce is easy to get.

Polyandry is generally considered an obstacle in the way of social progress; it causes harm to married life and creates several other psychological problems. It is on this account that polyandry has gradually come to an end in those societies also wherein it once prevailed.

Hence, polyandry marriage is not supported by Indian marriage sites , as we have talked about in an early article Indian judicial system is very hard, particularly for Hindu marriage. Polyandry marriage is only exist in Indian tribes. Educational activity has taken place instead of illiteracy.

Thus, Indian marriage sites are also richly standing in this field. This is very goodness sign to reduce the population growth in India. Very strong functions and their techniques are helpful to work for the things. We will continue this in another article.