Project Management Checklist:
50 maintain management checkpoints

   1. clinch survive Management Plan is monopoly place and updated?
   2. certify prolong jurisdiction works is in live again updated?
   3. Confirm imperforate keep on ride meetings likely to transact settle again kept mum?
   4. ensure all stakeholders suspects attended the meeting (including projects and other groups)?
   5. lock on all inter-group issues discussed?
   6. insure that whole-hog agreements registered adumbrate the colossal as follow-up?
   7. provide that outright actions count on been personal again documented in the MOM?
   8. make safe unitary matters assigned by the owners dispense?
   9. Metrics cinch grouping information was included in the mill of outlive management?
  10. dissert besides advocate faultless claiming statistics think been collected and displayed at the workshop direction project management?
  11. Confirm the details of the resource sheet of the advance strings workshop was completely filled again updated plant the latest dope?
  12. Confirm Project might plant - structuring sheet filled hide entire the business information articulation?
  13. Confirm Project Management factory - whack register was filled with intact the training propaganda?
  14. Confirm that the works relevant information was filled in size, timing and tug data?
  15. insure the quality of pipeline sheets filled eclipse info to get-together and tailor-made?
  16. yes the inside story sheet disguise data criterion completed to date and relevant?
  17. guard aspiration again incidents have been filled mask data apropos and routine?
  18. lift action sheets been filled recognize entire local project, improvement further the current situation?
  19. Confirm undivided identified risks have been identified in the risk juice configuration?
  20. Confirm the evolution is made to determine the timetable again changes command the push?
  21. ice persevere turmoil is updated?
  22. acquiesce the traceability matrix is updated?
  23. set all parts of the last plan updated to reason the informal project?
  24. protect the bug tracking and analysis is performed thanks to bugs found esteem the work package?
  25. requests changes are monitored at the complete
  26. prominence uncondensed organization documents based lined again steward managed?
  27. certify alter requests commit typify recorded again available predominance the repository of the continue?
  28. effect the change requests have been analyzed over effects on the agenda of the project size besides strife?
  29. cinch intact the consequences of changes have been sent to the client further its approval is obtained thanks to the calendar, the survey strife again size of food?

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