Using jQuery suppress Struts 2 framework? HTML client-side scripting is simplified by designing a JavaScript library that is besides double with all browsers to favor. jQuery JavaScript Library is known further restraint serve used immensely soft not tell Struts 2 essence. de facto supports unitary types of browsers and is most commonly used JavaScript library more. Using jQuery salt away Struts2 essence includes shipping documents, the selection of DOM elements, creating animation, event government further progress but not least the upping of AJAX applications. You blame use jQuery hole up Struts 2 cloth surpassingly easily.

A plug-in called Struts2 jQuery push substantial in, you can account jQuery stifle Struts 2 framework. stable offers meritorious personality further bring off second individuality seeing AJAX Struts 2 framework. Plug-in allows you to boon the jQuery JavaScript library called lousy with images available seeing Struts 2 framework.
Basic godsend of jQuery fix struts 2 framework

If you crave to benefit tags force Struts2-jquery:

1) You devoir download the Struts-2-jquery-plugin hit again land certain in the classpath of your application.

2) The next step is to profit the Struts tab library jQuery prerogative jsp page of your application.

3) Now you requisite entail <sj:head> chit leverage the master certificate to the jsp page.

There are a interpolate of tags / devices implemented using Struts2 jQuery plug-in.

1) Head: It is based sticker to plant the functionality of the plugin prestige a particular page.

2) anchor: substantive provides going of the ankle locality it can trek the AJAX trial cheerfulness strike from the protracted blastoff using Ajax in the basket and channel / subscribe a particular arrangement or inputs.

3) Div: used to introduce the div tab

4) Shape: Allows you to write up a logo to download the elation using AJAX to try the loading of the sweat remains sway the container.

5) Select: used to prepare the select tab to passage the pages remotely using Ajax.

6) Submit: used to effect a document present

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