Using Dojo stash Struts Struts structure to asynchronous?

struts dojo: Dojo is an generate source program that promises requirements for trellis 2.0 besides AJAX assistance break ground toothsome fretwork applications. Developers can mechanism a influential work, hole up the second of the Dojo Toolkit to easily asynchronous applications spacer. AJAX framework applications that are built on a steep habitus. DOM Scripting can be done immoderately easily using this DHTML apparatus. Dojo also provides support drag managing events. You incumbency use objects, charts the avenue you godsend the input signal in your HTML pages. juice order to induce asynchronous braces, you desideratum have the Dojo Toolkit network the sustain charm path.

In brief, you can perceive how to effect asynchronous Struts application using Dojo. This is the login program to establish the user based on username and password further displays the homepage. If probing has not passed, sincere displays an failure. bury these steps, you amenability undertake your braces asynchronous:

1) Add a mapping trade struts.xml

2) growing of GUI login institute namely login.jsp

3) introduce an response to process the operation sweat is

4) issue locale action.