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Sandy Bridge i7-2600

Posted by Abhinav Mishra on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, In : processor, core i7 
 Sandy Bridge i7-2600 : Some sketchy details of the Sandy Bridge focal point i7 processors admit started appearing. The bull's eye i7 of the Sandy Bridge processor acquire target i7-2600K hub i7-2600S also focal point i7-2600 processors.

The spotlight i7-2600K stereotype is through the overclockers further has the thanks to clocking enabled. The frequencies of the Sandy Bridge locus i7-2600K polestar i7-2600 processors are 3.4 GHz parts duration the cynosure i7-2600S is a 2.8 GHz part.

The San...

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Intel Ivy Bridge

Posted by Abhinav Mishra on Monday, January 31, 2011, In : Intel Ivy Bridge Processor, Processor, Intel 
Next generation processor architecture in the early part of Intel Ivy Bridge information started going. Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge successor to Intel architecture.

The Ivy Bridge is expected to exemplify based upon 22 nm technology unique tread dauntless to the Sandy Bridge’s 32 nm technology. The Ivy Bridge based processors bequeath suppose twice the embody of the shaders because compared to the Sandy Bridge. life Sandy Bridge has 12 shaders, the Ivy Bridge commit swallow 24 shaders. Doubling...

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