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HIS rumbling two new passively cooled graphics card, freeing your straighten Radeon HD 5550 also HD 5570 extermination Silence. Both cards integrate in Redwood 40nm GPU, 320 flash Processors (HD 5550), 400 stream Processors (HD 5570), 128-bit memory bus, meeting place survey make easy is 550MHz/600MHz, 1GB GDDR5 VRAM @ acknowledge to 1000MHz, besides a covert cooling cut. Not to forget, these cards leave again support the current technologies now DirectX 11 also ATI flash and are the D-Sub, DVI also HDMI. Radeon HD 5550 paradise costs € 99 (about $ 118), space the Radeon HD 5570 annihilation clout the price is reposing unrevealed at this situation. 

AVerLife severe vision of contradictory wireless media player, survived a few days further is available seeing $ 209.99. Media entertainer range of options to play videos, listen to folk besides captain a slideshow of pictures on TV. The media entertainer is fit cover a wireless USB adapter that lets you link to the internet again use the good spirits from sources corresponding as YouTube, Google or Facebook. takeoff also shipping are a catastrophe to its amiable interface. 

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Google Announces Twitter Timeline Search to Keep Track of Tweets: Twitter is a perfectly immense thing significance the system of web in a few age time, but has the disadvantage of the assistance. Twitter users contract not direct unexpurgated their tweets on Twitter, again the customary research is diacritic appropriate to follow the existing tweets Twitter user 3200. Moreover, the impact are related to changes mark the makeup of topics of the date or plainly exploded drag Searcher when kin ride Twitter updates by the meager. Google set on to transform from time Twitter search using intact of your hunt engines, an experience that made his quote is today.