Toshiba Satellite E3O5 Has 14-inch display and has a thinner design, a sleek look and a very solid set of specifications, including a Blu-ray / DVD combo drive, a second generation min i5 Core processor, 7200 rpm 500 GB hard drive and Intel Wireless Display 1.2. And unlike many laptops with Wi-di this retail package that includes network transmission required that interfaces with your TV package.

The Toshiba Satellite E3O5 has a metal case repels fingerprints and, thanks to the patterned design. The sloping sides cut a sharper angle, while still managing, fit all the expected ports plus an optical drive. The metal remains on the inside around the keyboard deck, and shows the upper lid features glossy black plastic around the insert. It is reminiscent of a MacBook Pro, or have the latest laptop from Samsung, and also provides professional than some of the sticky-looking satellites we have seen. The backlit keyboard is a revelation, it could be the best notebook keyboard we used in a long time. The increased island-style buttons are similar to what you get in other Toshiba laptops.
The 14-inch glossy LED-backlit display on the E305 has a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, standard for this screen size. The picture quality is sharp, but not outstanding, Blu-ray movies looked good enough, but viewing angles are narrower than on superior shows like the Samsung 9 series is better than average, however. You gain an advantage for the DVD playback software, thanks. Toshiba's DVD player application has to upscaling, all the old floppy disks lying around, you seem just a little bit better.