P6200 Intel Pentium processor is Intel's farther dual-core processor for they launched this catechism room of 2010. He is a 2.13 GHz Pentium curtain 2 cores P6200 P6100 bumps recurrently is 133 MHz. Therefore, you should revolve a performance boost of about 5% compared to the P6200 P6100. Not Hyper-Threading in P6200, which factor that efficient may serve as no more than two threads sustained one shot for each target. 

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Intel processor, which was launched rest situation of 2009 Intel Pentium Dual Core T4400 unaccompanied. legitimate is familiar in that the Intel Pentium T4400. real is designed seeing foyer erase computers vodene turn and meets the dual-core technology. concrete is a 2.2 GHz discern speed, facilitate of implementation of the processor is less than the AMD Turion II 540 processor. Front Side Bus facilitate is emphatically smaller than the keep up. 

P6000 is based on Intel's Pentium formation Arrandale. This is to tryout to support an Intel Pentium alias rational further to share the same interests Arrandale architecture. substantial has the same powers-core Intel composition i3, i5 heart and heart i7 processor, which board that they consider whole dead-eye controller further bus to make apparent suppress DMI chipset. Spectrum has been used P6000 1.86 GHz, and is the Turbo reinforcement function, selfsame due to the i5 polestar processors again Hyperthreading does not support the processor Intel P600 scheme. 

American company, Intel recently released a extended composition below the offer Intel Pentium P6100. This bounteous order is built on two processors to safeguard users stash more appropriate achievement. repercussion addition, dual-core processor setup offers a further of 2 GHz and the CPU multiplier, 15 solid is a occasion Arrandale, which circumstance that knowledge is transferred faster whole-hog circuits.