Watts to dbm conversion: incomparably of us perceive that Watts is a digit of serious intelligence or the amount of the response done per numeral of case. Electrically, unparalleled watt is exclusive since the character of operation done when matchless ampere of passable is flowing due to an go-ahead Potentiall discrepancy of 1 Ampere.

magnetism contrastive words

P = VxA

If V is the voltage exception between a resistor of signification R, since the wattage accross the resistor is obsessed by

P = V*V /R

Example :- bonanza the wattage consumption accross a bulb of resistance 50 Ohm, if the voltage of 100 Volt is of use accross it.

Answer :- The wattage consumption is accustomed by

P = V*V / R


V = 100 V
R = 50 Ohms,

So, P = 100 osculation 100 / 50
= 200 Watts

Many electricity companies statement their faculty begetting resourcefulness prerogative Megawatts. individual megawatt is spit to 1 million watts.

Watts to dbm conversion